The good, the bad and the fatty.Mature

Ashton is being bullied for his weight problem. But when the girl he loves is sitting near him at lunch, who knows what could happen?

He started walking down the corridor

When he heard the sound of laughter,

He knew those shrill voices anywhere,

So he started walking faster.


But the bullies managed to catch him up,

And they innocently asked him "What's up man?"

But he knew deep down they were up to no good,

Because someone mocked "looking for the ice-cream van?"


But he ignored their sneering

And held his chins up high,

But once again they joined flabby Ashton,

And asked him "looking for some pie?"


Standing alone in the big canteen,

Hoping he would be a miss, 

At the size of a house and with a build that is gross,

Someone is bound to take the piss.


All on his own without a mate,

Except the mountain of food on his plate, 

He began to munch nibble and crunch,

But was interrupted when a gang of bullies arrived in a bunch.


Instead of chatting about the Simpsons and Star Trek,

They called him names like Jabba and Shrek,

It was alright for them being short thin and stubby

But they took advantage of him just because he was chubby.


Then he saw the love of his life,

Lisa- tall thin and pretty,

He gazed at her as if she was a cake.

It wasn't meant to be. Even

HE had bigger titties.


The bullies themselves loved the girl,

And watched him stare at her over his belly,

When she walked past they escaped from their trance,

Marched over to Ashton and covered him in jelly.


Laughing sneering joking and mocking.

The bullies saw him cry and began to scoff,

But the girl came across and boy she looked cross,

And told the bullies to bugger off.


Shock and horror mixed on their faces,

But the girl remained with Ashton while they linger,

The girl hated bullying and gave Ashton a kiss,

Good job she didn't see his middle finger!



The End

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