The good neighbour

She hummed whatever song was stuck in her head

Her biggest trial was this song in her head

She walks to the radio to find some other repition

The walls are thin

Her neighbours bang on the wall

She grunts and turns down the radio

She goes to a pot of boiling water

Mutters something about watched pots

There's another banging on the wall

She gives the wall the finger but hops to the cd player and turns it to a whisper

She prides herself on being a good neighbour

The wall grunts back to her and vibratates as if it has a life of its own

She turns offthe music and steps back



A bang, a thump, a muffled growl perhaps a curse

Then there is nothing

The pot of water boils over the counter and through floor boards

No one is there to complain, the neighbours are breaking down her door

She sucks back a hello and spits out blood

She wishes she could offer them coffee

The End

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