Day One

I went to a Christian music festival, and I'm kinda drawing from my experience there, as well as my other religious experiences.

Silently sitting as the group confidently repeats the verse,

Chanting like they've rehearsed this for ages.

I do not know them,

I do not believe with them.

I turn my head, wondering if they knew eachother from years prior,

Because the way they talk about Him with each other

Could fool anyone.

The leader begins, 

And as he talks about our Lord and Savior,

Thoughts keep racing through my head;

"Where is the evidence?"

"What does this mean?"

But I dare not question them.

They have been raised on the same book,

15 years strong are their beliefs.

To question that would only push me farther away from the group. 

Instead of speaking out, 

I nod my head, 


And pretend that He has helped me as much as He has them,

Because anything else would surely be wrong to them,


The End

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