Second to Now

Growing up I was a butterfly

All ways flying from one boy

To the next.

It started out

With my next door neighbors son

Who hit me across the head

With his Darth Mull's Light-saber.

He dad did movies

And he wanted to do that too

He was my first crush

Until I met Derek.


Derek was strange and we fought

Just like a married couple.

That was in second grade

When I was clueless

But then came third and fourth

And for that first time

It was the same guy.


Kolton R. with his light brown hair

and his bosting of knowing how to skate.

My crush with him

Lasted until half of fourth grade.


That's when I thought that boys where not worth

My time, since they only hurt, and made fun of you.

I managed to have only small crushes from then on.

The whole time, it was always with the jocks.

That is until, I meet Him.


Jr. High wasn't a great time.

I was lost in the world

And at times I thought of giving up, and letting myself just jump.

But on Christmas break

I talked to Him and he wanted to know

What was wrong with me.

I spilled my soul and he told me

That he would be sad

If I made that jump.

Ever since then,

When I feel like jumping

I just remember him. 

And I can't do it.


But now, we're both sixteen

Talking about getting married

and having a family.

But we can't let our parents know

That we are together and will be forever.

He has his family problems

And I have very protectful parents.

But that doesn't stop us

From holding each other

And giving stolen kisses in the dark.

The End

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