The Girl With The Heart Shaped Face

Always a smile playing around your lips,
And sweet merriment pouring out
Unafraid of ridicule,
A little girl in a world of giants.
The smell of cigarettes, subtly swirling with a sweet fragrance
Always the same, you welcome me in.
How did you obtain so much Love in your Heart?
So battered and bruised, and open
I stare, pathetic and amazed at you
Incredulous, how you stand, with so many knives in your back, 
Inspiring, how you stand, with so many hands twisting your throat.
Life is a sickness, and Love is a verb,
And the light of your freedom blinds me,
Even when Death pervades my cell.
You carved the word ‘hope’, into my Heart
And your smile will never leave me.

The End

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