The Girl with all the boys hearts

A poem about love and life, because we may get hurt by love, but life goes on.

Minimal noise, maximum pain. That’s love.

An evil game.

Trying to find the glove to your hand.

The fine balance between pleasure and pain.


Fore I swear I found it once.

She was a goddess…that glowed.

Her love and affection is all I want.

But if she loved me I still don’t know.


I gave her my heart once.

She kept it next to hers.

On a necklace made of deceit.

With a matching set of pearls.


She held it in her hand once.

In a fierce vice grip.

Her talons cut in deep.

as she ripped it bit by bit.


And that’s it.

My tale of lovesick woe

Loves thorn, a sick masochistic prick!

…but life goes on I suppose.


Ryan Smith 9/10/2010

The End

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