The Girl in the Orange Top

she looked away just so much,

to let the hair hide her eyes from yours.


the phone turned silent,

her tears turned violent,

all aloof like an island,

there's this... some word... she was just not sure.


too many strings of happy memories,

tying her, holding her back.


she sees you,

then ignores you,

there's only so much she can do,

then she implodes, and settles, silent as a snowflake.


you’ve less patience than she’s in pain,

so you walk away and never turn around.


she picks up her bag,

and her shoulder sag,

and she hears everyone nag,

then she walks out of the coffee shop, alone, not taking her eyes off the ground.


and one day, she walks right back in,

too bored to care, too tired to feel.


she looks at her coffee swirl,

tucks her hair behind the ear as it curls,

stares right back at the world,

all smiles, black shades, orange top and high heels.

The End

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