The girl in the mirror

Hey, you there
Yes, you- the one with the pained eyes.
I shan't ask if you are alright,
But are you alive?
Deep breathing, for the world to mock and laugh;
Still awake, still aware, still there?
Does your heart beat on, for a cause unknown, unrevealed?
Are you hanging on there, hands peeling and bloody, but alive? 

Do they lie well to you, tell you it will be alright?
Are their words slick enough, repulsive enough?
For it will never be alright, you know that now-
But are they cruel enough to make you live on?

Hey, you there
Yes, you- the scared girl in the mirror
Do you still desire to breathe, to live?
Or are you convinced it is finally enough?

How are you still alive?

The End

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