The Girl in the Godwood Tree

A quick poem inspired by Elorithryn's "Phoenixes of Vervell" trilogy.

Do you remember me?
The skinny little girl in the godwood tree?
Do you remember how,
I hung upside down on the bottom bough?

Do you remember when
We chased each other up and down the glen?
Do you remember my face
When I saw you there in the first place?

Oh it was such a strange old time,
You from your world, and I from mine.
Etiquette, chivalry, honour, rules,
Looking at the nobles dressed up like fools.

I came from the USA,
From the old grove where I used to play.
You thought it odd to see a girl in pants,
Thought I should sit, sew and learn how to dance.

But how long ago was that time now?
Now I'm your  fiance, running with your crowd.
Training for a future, for a brand new life,
Hoping some day that I'll be your wife!

The End

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