The Girl

&@@^ happens.

The girl without a name

she stood by herself

had years of experience

todayd be her twelfth.


Society destroyed her

and locked her away

its senseless at the least

she had just forgot to pay.


She had strode into the store

so willing and just

Had to pick up some  milk-

her momma said MUST.


She was going to check out

She was caught by surprise

A stranger took hold of her

he looked in her eyes.


He told her he missed her

She had to go home

He choked her

and he tried to drug her with foam


She ran out of the store

just like the Flash,

The store owner jumped on her

quick with a 'clash'


She was arrested

right there on the spot,

and now is laying in a jail cell-

subject to rot.

The End

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