The Giggles of Plastic Surgery

I really hope this infuriates you.

The Giggles of Plastic Surgery

Looks like another day in the life!
Let's find another face to "fix"
A nose, a breast augmentation
- Let's add a botox to the mix

There's a patient over there
She probably thinks she's fat
Her body weight is rather nice
(But of course, we'll never tell her that!)

We're doing American a favor
By fixing all the ugly ones
Though truth be told, I rather think
Making "beauty" is rather fun

See, these poor, misled patients
Think we'll make them proud
To look the way they'll look
 With all their curves so round

Look at that woman there
We augmented her chest
Now, she's filled with silicone
As opposed to human flesh

(I think that girl looks pretty
Without her "fat" sucked away
But, hey! I'll do what it takes
To make sure I get paid)

Ha! That deluded being
Wants her lips to be plump
I'll become a millionaire
Rump by artificial rump

I'm not shamed by what I'm doing
I like money, dear, you see
There's so much fun to be had
With the giggles of plastic surgery! 

The End

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