The Gift

A messed-up poem with a theme of revenge.

I found this in an old notebook of mine, and I figured you all would like it. those of you with a sick sense of humor will see what I mean. I guess the idea for this spawned sometime before my previous birthday, in grim expectation that Those Who Plot Against Me, were going to send me a pleasantly wrapped gift, seemingly harmless and well-intentioned, but truthfully containing something terrifying and otherworldly that would erupt in an unimaginable fury the moment I opened the box. yes, this seems crazy, but I assure you that I was almost completely justified to think this vile thought, because Those Who Plot Against Me, AKA certain members of my "family," some of them just as frightening as any supernatural monstrosity, fueled my paranoia with their horrid acts in the recent past.
to elaborate, my experience with a fiendish, scheming uncle, who, along with his partner in crime, an aunt with the same intentions, stole the family inheritance, (including what should have belonged to my mom) and pocketed whopping amounts of cash, refusing to share any of it and treating us, their close relatives, like the waste products of squealing swine. not to mention a cousin who should have been nice and loving but actually turned out to be cold, bitter, and judgemental, a mentally unstable grandmother who has long left this world and who I hope is in the light, and also another mentally unstable aunt who once threatened to beat up someone with a baseball bat over petty and unneeded issues.
heh heh heh...and as horribly true as all of this is, I fortunately never recieved anything scarier than a book by R.L Stine on my birthday....I wrote this poem just to mock the absurdity in it all and perhaps to play a bit of Devil's Advocate, pretending to be devious.

The Gift

I have a little Gift for you
its small in almost every way
but no matter what you do
it will never go away

You will find it in a box
sent directly with your mail
you won't know what's inside it
and curiosity wont fail.

It is wrapped so beautifully
even topped with a little bow
and when you bend to pick it up
the more you'll want to know.

You will take it in your house
to see what lies inside
and knowing this my little Gift
will make it's growls subside.

As you start to unwrap it
the Gift will lie in wait
oblivious, you'll continue
unknowing of your fate

You probably wont look at the card
to see who it is from
being dumb so has a price
and in moments it will come

Soon the giftwrap is torn off
and you'll peer inside
to see a pair of glowing eyes
staring at you wide.

Before you react it will lunge out
claws and teeth all bared
you'll scream in fear and stumble back,
having never been so scared.

My little Gift will chase you,
so far away from home
to a place where all the many Gifts still roam.

So remember not to cross me
because if you do I will
send a Gift right to your door
just don't forget the bill.

The End

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