Little Town, My Town

Little town, musty leather,
lost in the sweet scent
of hot asphalt
and summer sidewalks.

Little town, rusty rivets,
aged autos in the noonday sun,
midst old brick buildings
which still display the painted ads
for wares a century gone.

Little town, proud little city,
wearing your ghosts on your sleeve,
here the past lives on
in the marching tunes
of the city band
and the horses' hooves on Main Street.

Little town, worn out paper,
the very air is written word,
this Neverland of ink and feathers,
lost in time but ne'er forgotten.

Little town, lonely town,
darkened days and bright blue nights,
clouds of hope on a hilly horizon,
the sun of despair in the sky above.

Little town, I love you still,
you made me who I am,
you pioneer, you summer dream,
everything that is and was.

Little town, country town,
Small Town USA,
don't you dare forget me,
I'll return to you someday.

The End

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