The Getaway Lover

His suitcase lies alone in the trunk of the yellow taxi awaiting his exit from the city that he has been living in for months at a time.
His hand is on the handle of the door when he hears his name being softly called from only several feet behind him. He turns, hand off of the handle of the getaway car door and his eye catch the sight of the brown, bouncing, breathtakingly beautiful curls that belong to the caller.
"Please," She whispers, "please don't go."
"I have to," he says with a simple voice, but with as much emotion as his heart can muster.
"You and I, that's all we have; if you go, where will that leave us?"
He looks at her almond astounded admiring eyes and kisses her soft, pale cheek. "I'm sorry."
With one last look, he forever exits the life of the heartbroken girl.

I met you in the fall,
Before meeting anyone at all;
This whirlwind of salvation
Was wilder than my imagination.

You left me alone there,
Not knowing with who, this love, I could share;
I was promised so much magic,
But how did this turn tragic?

The covers on my bed,
Where as white as if we were wed;
The snow flakes pass by so easily,
They know nothing of how you loved me,
So falsely.

I remember the night sky,
When you asked the reason why,
I loved you so intensely;
How I could want you so immensely.

The deep of your face,
As my hands would lace
Your sweet forgotten black hair,
That use to sit, sleepy, on your head there;
Hiding the scars of your past,
I should have known this would never last.

Once I thought it was you and me,
Once I wanted us to forever be,
But then I have always been wrong;
In this world, you and I, will never belong.

The End

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