the garden that never exsisted

This garden that I know will blow your mind,it's a garden that never exsisted.

A garden.

A secret garden filled with old passageways and young fairies that sing song that can drift a man to sleep faster then you can blink.

A garden where the sunlight shines in streams,playing shadows on the oak leaves of the grand trees.

Water trickles from the magic fountain that sits upon the dashing mountain.

A garden with such flowers that you could sit there all day and watch as the clouds drift by,drifting your life away. 

A garden with such soil that it can quickly over grow

In the winter time when it snows,people say it casts the most beautiful glow

A garden with an air so fresh and clear

the wind will whistle in your open ear

A garden with love,happyness,and dark brown leaves

there is a river close by that whines to the sea's

This garden I speak of does not exsist....

but if you could make me one, i swear i'd plant you the most delicate kiss

The End

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