the Frodo to my Sam

Nobody ever said it was going to be easy.
I assumed it would be like any other obstacle,
any other trial,
any other hill standing in my way.
I've trained myself to sprint up mountain sides.
But it caught me off guard,
hit me in a blind spot,
and now, all I want is to be strong,
but I don't even know how to be that.
My skin is made of porcelain,
my soul is composed of glass.
My heart is a time bomb ticking down
to the last blast.

The truth is, I don't know how to move anymore
without you.

You were my best friend,
and you were my brother.
You were like a father to me,
and at times, you were a lover.
You kept me flirting with sanity,
and adored me when I was crazy.
When my moods sunk,
you followed me into the gloom
with a lantern to guide my path
for when I wanted to come back.
I always thought I could come back.

Because I was a raging ocean of emotions,
and you were the rocks I beat upon.
You were the canary in the cage
sent down the mineshaft
to sing your yellow song
it's safe, it's safe.
You loved like I could never fathom,
and had a patience I never could stand.
While I was unable to sit still,
you simply offer me your hand,
and said, "See, life's not so bad.
You'll always have me."
You were the Frodo to my Sam.

Nobody ever said it was going to be easy.
But no one told me how hard it would be.
At times, I lie awake, and wish
the cancer caught me,
before it consumed you.

The End

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