The Frame in the Canal

alt. title:
"Possible Headline: Michigan Girl Nearly Drowns in Indianapolis Canal"

**Based on true events**

Half the canal was frozen,

the other half was inhabited by the Devil fish.

Whose presence was against all probability

and whose appearance inspired Jeannie

to re-account the nightmares he caused.

I"m not sure why we didn't notice the frame before.

Probably, we were too distracted

by the dogs we called puppies.

It was Christina who, on our way back,

pointed out over the canal.

"Is that a picture frame?"

Our conversation stopped and our necks snapped

As our heads turned and our feet quickened to the edge.  

In the shadow of apartments we were too poor to afford

each of us took in the scene.

A simple black picture frame, 

it probably cost less than five dollars at Walmart,

lay against a clump of ice on the frozen river.

Koral and I confronted physics as we stepped over

the edge to glean a better view.

The other girls shrieked at our stupidity.

Assured of our safety, we shared

one last glance at the frame.

Even while I was on the slowly melting canal

I couldn't tell to whom the picture belonged.

Was it someone's discarded memory?

It could have been the manufacturer's pre-set picture.

You know, the one that sets the parameters for the 

kind of photos acceptable within the frame?

"You could make a story out of that, couldn't you?"

The End

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