The Four Seasons

Crisp crackling

brown dry leaves

floating down

from moulting trees


It's kiting weather

winds get stronger

days get shorter

nights get longer


Winter comes

he comes a calling

from the skies

snow is falling


Jack frost rears

his ugly head

and makes the world

look old and dead


Then birds begin

to chirp and sing

as winter changes

In to spring


Gone is the greyness

the days are bright

ewes are lambing

it's a lovely sight


The sun burns hotter

in the sky

spring is ending

summer is nigh


Lovers walk

hand in hand

children laughing

in the sand


The seasons come

the seasons go

there's nothing quite like

the winter snow


There's nothing quite like

the crackling leaves

golden brown

on autumn trees


There's nothing quite like

the freshness of spring

it puts joy into the heart

of everything


There's nothing quite like

the sun kissed beach

when spring is gone

and out of reach


From every season

comes something good

so love this world

the way we should

The End

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