The Forgotten Traffic Light

This poetry is funny one. I just wrote it because a traffic light on Van Dyke where I live gave me an inspiration.

This is sad. This is not right! Am I suppose to just stand there and allow people to walk right through like I'm yesterday's leftovers? I live in a harsh reality. Why does she get all of the attention? And I'm stuck here! Blinking on and off. I HATE IT!

About three and a half years ago, I was the star. My favorite colors were red, yellow, and green. I look back on how people use to stop and look at me. The color, Red was the symbol of stop and look. Then green would come around and said, "Okay. Move along now!" I was so happy! I had a wonderful job. Keeping people safe. That was my dream job. I thought that this could last forever. But I was wrong.

Now, I'm sitting here, blinking red and yellow. Day and night! Olga's Kitchen Restaurant are right next to me. People come in and going out. But does anyone care about me? Does anyone even KNOW that I exist? NO! It's been three and a half years since I lost my job, and I'm fed up with it! I am one tired traffic light who wants to throw my hands up and just shout, "I HATE YOU! I HATE YOU ALL!"

The End

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