It starts when you stare into the dark to long...

Sometimes when you stare into the darkness,

You see things you never meant to see.

Monsters and ghosts,

People who don’t look like people,

But as the crawl or leap towards you,

You can tell that something in them IS human.

But you aren’t sure what it is.

They beckon you to follow them,

Deep into this unknown hell.

Smiling, you follow,

Something is drawing you in.

You are lead deep inside a forest,

A land unknown.

You panic.

Far from home,

Scared and alone.

Strange things taking you deeper from the hole you arrived in.

You mumble a help,

A plea perhaps.

Now you’re deeper and deeper,

The dark is all around.

Then, a small light appears.

The creatures begin to rejoice.


one mutters.

They are taking you to their home.

Panic sets into overdrive.

They begin to run,

You turn to run back the way you game,

But before you can

A hand is on your shoulder.

Now fear sets in.

You won’t be going home tonight-

Never, in fact.

For now you are a member of the

Forever Court

The End

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