The Fool

try to fall out of love.

A fool was a dangerous thing to be. 

In history. 

Suffered gladly now. 

I am a fool. 

He might love me, despite his quirks. 

But my stubborn being will not permit

His kiss to move me 

or his jokes to make me forget

My regret. 

You are my second biggest regret. 

The first is my memory

Somewhere a cure can be found by analogy:

Some believe there is life on Mars Johnny. 

Travel, that will be next. 

Travel, not just kiss more, do more, work more, faster. 

Far away travel is the answer. 

There is love unrequited, I can confirm 

As your worm it would never have worked. 

You apparently wanted to chase

So her face appears smiling in the saree 

I would have no dowry 

I am a deluded fool. 

No gold. 

If anyone would wish for the gift of sight,if they wished for long enough 

See my regret knocking at the undertaker's door. 

But beside me in my mind stands a Father, Mother and more

Babies, infants, little boys and girls

The ascendant generations of our world. 

If I cannot even cure one stupid broken heart

What can be my part? 

What can I say that I have done, 

when there is no one to benefit from my absence

nothing to gain from final repentance 

Except that they would all say

'She was never the same'.

If they only knew who rescued me from the first. 

When all had already gone home early. 

Don't worry, I know it was all my fault. 

But I just wish I could halt time and drink wine in your room my one. 

The End

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