The Fog

I wrote this poem a while ago when I was going through some rough times. I based in on a tumblr post and compared depression to a constant fog.

The fog sets in

And I look up

To see the things

I cannot touch

To strain for words

I cannot hear

To grasp for things

I cannot clutch

Sometimes the fog

Recedes away

Becomes a haze

On a sunny day

It's always there

Just waiting for

Its chance to fall

And block my way

I breathe it in

And cough it out

It's choking me

From inside out

It clogs my lungs

And dulls my mind

And whispers things

I could live without

Sometimes the fog

Becomes too much

Weighs down my bones

And seals my lips

I cannot scream

Or ask for help

My mind crumbles

And my strength slips

I've tried to run

But it traps me

I cannot leave

Or escape my mind

And if I try

I live in fear

Because the fog

Is close behind.

The End

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