The Flu Bug's Dead

I had to kill him! I had to! He was going to kill me first. I wouldn't be able to gad all over the world in search for a hiding place so that he couldn't find me. I had to kill him! Because if I didn't, then he would try and kill my family. I couldn't have that. So I hired a hit man, correction, a hit woman. I drove around the corner. I walked into the building. I asked for the woman. I could not give out her name. She liked to keep it a down low... with her fame, of course. Dressed in white, and thus, she does this for free. She took me into the back, and "he" followed me. How was that possible? I could have sworn, I did not see anyone following me through my rear view mirror. That gave her the chance to try out her skills. So she shot him, and he died on the floor. He tried to gasp for air, but he couldn't. He stopped moving, and he was puffed in the air like smoke. Killing a flu with a flu shot was like taking a man's life with a gun. But this the hit list I do not regret. So I can shout it out in the streets. The flu bug's dead.

The End

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