the flame.

Not of darkness is fire born...
What did she do to deserve such scorn?
Who could love fire?
Not Earth, not Air...
she feels hopeless everywhere
Who gives her other than fear?
Not any living thing, not any peer...
fire clean burns straight lined.
fire builds, to "destroy."
Oh, short of mind!
Is not this the way of birth, planet blue?
Is this not of truest expression of you,
And  in rapture dance?
her light to shine for all, Not just chance.
Then, behold the flame, energy divine.
Can exist amongst celestial bodies, outside of time.
Oh heart, oh mine. Oh, heart...
A call to the heavens, You alien fire;
How misunderstood you are on the pyre.
How alone, and in your own mind...
Actions, left out from all other three
So she lets forth her soft moan and fools herself into believing
That it is all for the best that she be Free..

The End

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