The First Time I saw you

another soppy love poem as usual....hope y'all like :D
wrote this ages ago, just been too busy to post. anyone one that reads it, thanks for reading :D

The first time I saw you, you

were just an ordinary girl.

kind, open hearted, yet

to experience the world.


We spoke a couple of times, but

I didn’t know then.

that you would be the one I fell in love with, that

I would love till the very end.


For years we barely spoke, just passing

never talking, not thinking

that our lives were soon to be changed,

we were soon to be each other’s everything




Then one day, they changed forever, our

lives, never the same again.

that day we really saw each other,

saw what was about to begin.


Our love it soon blossomed, like

a tiny rose in the spring.

I soon fell in love with you, and

realised you’re my everything.


Now, these days, we’re together, so

much in love it hurts.

And if we were ever to split up,

I swear nothing could ever be worse.

The End

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