The First TimeMature

About all I've been thinking about today.

It started as most kisses do. 

Slow, sweet, questing.

I absolutely love kissing you.

Teasing, tasting, loveless.

My mouth against your soft minty lips.

Breathless, endless, learning.

Your musical touches on my hips.

Moving, growing, choices.

My hands would make circles on your skin.

Voices, noises, rushing.

I'm committed to this sin.

Crushing, blushing, sensual.

Fingers dipping lower and lower.

Perceptual, sexual, flushing.

Clothes shed over and over.

Turning, churning, tumble.

We didn't need them.

Tremble, fumble, cresting.

I wore your body like a gem.

Trusting, thrusting, pain.

Your tongue on my secrets.

Gain, lain, living.

You strained to go deepest.

Breathing, meaning, hearts.

I went my own speed.

Parts, darts, bucking.

Used you to fulfill my need.

Unthinking, unshrinking, moved.

You said you liked my hair. 

Grooved, proved, licking.

Ran your fingers through it with care.

Flicking, writhing, gone.

We were close.

On, hone, bursting.

Our bodies they rose.

Splintering, breaking, us.

I've never told you I love you. But my body did.

The End

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