The First Step to ....lastMature

The first step last

Anxious and terrified we take the first step,
Graduating to taking several small ones,
Though sometimes we always do overstep ,
At times Alone at other times with loved ones .

Life continues in steps and skips,
The pace fervent and at times slack,
With many jumps and several slips,
At times wise and often brash.

Life goes past in jumps and starts,
Many a smooth ride and bumps,
Gathering steam in many a part,
Fatigued by wild, grilling  gusts.

Life though interrupted, is a continuum,
Swinging wildly between joys and sorrow,
Rejoicing or moaning  its wild momentum,
The call is ours, at will, today and tomorrow . � < <p���@�'background:white'>Its flight across terrains remaining undefined
Man and history spend anxious moments
As memories fond, pass by in gushing  torrents.

The End

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