The Firmament

Expressing many random feelings. Enjoy :)

Grey clouds hide their silver bounty;
Silently they wait, holding on to their
One moment of joy,
When they, too, can shine.

But no matter how hard I scream,
How I cry at them,
My tears mixing with the rain,
They never even acknowledge me-

Only the solitary gulls,
Flying low over the desolate cityscape,
Away from the sea,
Away from the roaring waves.

Soaring away from me, from everyone.

Only they can answer,
Though their harsh cries
Are no consolation.

Lightning flashes, thunder joining it;
They hear me, in their own way.

And as I stand here, waiting
Waiting for my own silver lining,
I listen to the sky's lament,
And, though I may not know it,
The firmament is listening.

"I hear you calling."

The End

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