The Final Shot

Forget me please, forget me not

Take it all away in a single shot

Remember me, or don’t at all

I’ll remember you while I fall

Catch me, or just let me die

Push or jump, then we’ll both fly

Now is the time for you to decide

Because there’s nowhere left for us both to hide

There’s no one left in whom to confide

So we’ll keep our secrets and they burn inside

So here we are, on the edge of the world

No one to stop us, wings unfurled

We can leap from here and leave it all behind

Let’s stay forever, frozen, entwined

Or else we can fall together, blind

And end everything for the very last time


Here we stand.

Make the choice.

I see in your eyes the fading lights

The endless torment of a thousand nights

I’ll take your hand and give you peace

And the hurting of yours can eventually cease

Why should I matter, in the grand scheme of things

Look into my eyes as the twilight star sings

The cold of my hand against your heart

A final shot and forever we’ll part

It rings.

We fall. I hold you close.

We fall into shadows and it ends, at last.

I close my eyes against the glow

Refracted sun and water flow

Lungs flooded with fire, my secrets aflame

Both of us gone, there’s no one to blame

It’s gone. I lose my grip, my touch and sight

You’re gone, I’m gone, into endless night.

The End

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