The Final Chapter.

Come softly,
I'll wrap you in my arms.
Breath slowly,
The air here is precious,

Listen, Listen to me my dear,
We're almost there,

Can you hear it? Like a silent bell
at the edge of a clock tower,

It's midnight, sweet heart;
it’s our time, love.

So come, come softly,
Let me wrap you in my love,

Breathe deeply, breath slowly,
For every breath is precious,

Walk towards me, do not haste,
Wear my ruby brace on your pretty wrist,

Sing; sing sweetly,
That funeral melody for me,

Now let me take you, take it from you,
And leave behind what s unneeded.

Come dear one,
In my arms… know no fear,

Hush, the air is rare,
There's no need to breath here,

The time is now dear;
The bells are chiming in this midnight hour,


 Rest with me, my love,
For all eternity.

The End

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