The Fill

Falling through it                                      - the thick humidity

It reminds me of home                              - in this place is so close

The acres of waste pulsates                      - and the garbage it surrounds me

Swimming through a sea of uselessness         - I don't feel human anymore...

Steam juts from the surface and                    - A smell intoxicates me...

The ground shakes from                  - The hatred of life

The tremendous power of apathy                 - is cascading from the waste vessels

The alluring notion of irresponsibility          - the trucks that dump it everyday

This fill, the smell, it suffocates me               - with gas power they poison further

Until my vision blurs and I plead to them       - the lovers of evil

And claw wildly to the surface and realize     - they have pined away for this moment

I will not survive to tell the people of     - this moment that is their grand party for


This place that is continually collapsing and resurging, growing and never-ending, a black hole, gravitating, compacting and crushing, polluting and uncaring, destroying with a hate so boundlessly powerful, ever-present disgust dripping from the fill, unstoppable and relentless, impervious to our efforts, forevermore this is human nature.

                                          - the nature of my destruction.


The End

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