The Figure

Staring at the wraith-like figure,

staring back at her,

knowing she will never smile,

like all the other girls,

running a hand through ebony hair,

the figure moves her lips,

but the smile is forced, it can't be so,

'cause smiles like that will rip,

tear like paper, from a whiter face,

with horror the girl stares on,

eyes fixed upon bone shadows,

on how the woman is almost gone,

she reaches out to comfort her,

the figure reaches back,

but from the figure's mouth come words;

You're ugly, You're still fat,

the face upon the figure changes,

to a look of utter disdain,

she steps away with widened eyes,

but the figure mocks her pain,

she runs into the lighted bathroom,

but the figure's already there,

tears running slowly down her face,

dark eyes fixed solely on her,

"LEAVE ME ALONE!" she screams,

and balls her hand into a fist,

she hits at the watching figure,

until the blood on her hands is thick,

crying out she sinks to the tiles,

and stares at her crimson hands,

but her vision's slowy blurring,

and she tries, but cannot stand,

so sitting on the cold white floor,

she stares at empty space,

takes one look in the mirror,

but for blood can't see her face.

The End

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