The Fight That Had Two Winners

Two men confront each other in the street, but talk it out in a rhythmic conversation and go their separate ways without fighting.

You made me so mad
Think you are kinda bad
Your mouth flapped like a wrinkled “three dollar bill”
You probably wish that looks could kill

My anger rose up like a karate dude-“ka pow”
I wonder what I should do with it now
You got my attention, now get my intention
How about you get your silly mug out of my face

Make yourself scarce, to another place-without a trace, pie face
You say you want to flatten my nose
That kind of talk always make me want to doze

Shake and bake-Whatever you got
I don’t have time for no silly dry-rot snot
You say I got no diction, that I aint got no rhymes
We all got to pay for our deeds and our crimes

I paid my dues dude, got something to say to you
Listen here Cuz and let me do the talking
It’s time for one of us to do some speed-walking
You angry, so what. Just put down your dukes Say something intelligent, talk it out chump, I promise no pukes

I choose this day to let anger make me stronger
To fight another day, keep my life going a little bit longer
I got a destiny, a bright future, It’s coming, I won’t lie
Hater, I’m in control of myself. Ready-go. Don’t you cry.

Think I hear your family calling you for dinner. Aint that a winner.
Aloha. Sianara. Say good bye. Don’t get weepy.
Follow that yellow brick road back where you came from. You’re making me sleepy.

The End

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