The Fields

Visions of a future dance across my eyes

A kaleidoscope world, the world will be mine

I carry no burdens, in a youthful moment I’m still free

The bitter cold of growing up, still far on the horizon

Lying down on the grass, the world was nothing more

Then what I wanted it to be


Stars that flicker and we shared something pure

A utopia, a paradise that flows through her

We see only each other, upon those rolling fields

Gazing outward and soon to each other

Pools of blue draw me closer

Her light shined, nothing else was possibly real


Youthful naivety, ignorance of cold horror

Laughter carried on a softer wind

I wonder if she dreams of fields

I wonder if she dreams of me


When must this summer come to an end?

Naive dreams of love and life

Flowing through me as I write

And now, as the grey enters my world forever

I sit back and wonder if those fields remain


Grey, endless grey as her light begins to fade

I wonder if she ever really meant to stay

The rolling fields turned to stone, so long ago

All of my senses lost to time’s slow torture

But I can still feel the warm kiss of summer haze





The End

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