The Feeling of Lonely

Saturday night or so the Calendar says,

This house is so empty in so many ways,

No pictures of friends on the walls,

I've long since given up waiting for calls.


Time and friends passed in the blink of an eye,

And now that eye closes as i ask myself why,

They grew adventurous and all moved away,

But I had my career and so chose to stay.


Every day passes and i wish i went too,

Now my job's over there's nothing to do,

And although i'm wealthy i'm so poor inside,

Because all my friendships have withered and died.


So I sit alone in this empty old home,

A long time ago i disconnected the phone,

And i dream of a time when i had all my friends,

And i'll dream 'til i die and that's how it will end.

The End

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