The Feeling of Being Human

There is a certain feeling of being human,

A joy, a sadness, a comfort, a fear,

They rise up from within, they come 'cause they can,

In laughter and pauses, reflections and tears.


Because we know partly of all that will be,

We are anxious and worried, we indulge and we pray,

From this dark mortality, we are tempted to flee,

We live out our time 'cause there will come That Day.


We are many and yet one, we are me just like thee,

Alone in the vastness, yet just one of a kind,

We are guided by fate, yet pray we are free,

We think for ourselves, yet we are all of one mind.


We are loved and unloved, we are lost and we're found,

We are blessed and we're cursed, we are hounded by hate.

We know what it means to smile and to frown,

To eagerly go ont and to patiently wait.


We are humanly gifted with a sense of divine,

We know there is more than what we have known,

We can feel ever closer to that mysterious line,

That divides what has been hidden and what has been shown.





The End

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