Just something I've been thinking about it's nothing profound I promise you that...

Everytime I watch a movie with my husband or one of my friends, we realize it's fiction as in NOT REAL. Yet we feel the need to justify every questionable detail with our own logic. Never mind the fact that in the movie the city is being taken over by a man with eight freakin arms- no the question on our minds is: how did Peter Parker's glasses break like that? What the freak are those lenses made out of? Or wait a minute they are in Vermont in the wintertime, that character is wearing shorts? Just a few details . Our eyes are always peeled for detail, sometimes it can be distracting if even the smallest details seem cliche or not well thought out. I guess my point it that this transfers over to manuscript writing as well. Everyone else wants to point out grammar mistakes. I want to point out detail mistakes. Your lending your imagination to your readers, use details to paint a picture to make your story come alive....If anything that is the point I'm trying to make here, though it's just a rant, so take from it what you will.

The End

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