The Feast

be like wild geese

Thunder storms and waterfalls

Rainbows and candy walls

If only we can escape

and follow the wild geese

flying high over the lucid lake


I'll spread my wings and close my eyes

feeling my soul reaching the skies

come and join me

experience being free

no expectations no limitations


Fight the challenges through this stormy life

finding the beauty where there is none

renewing your mind

letting go of what is gone


Just focus on the euphoric now

remember where you come from

keep the future for the perfect bow

an elegant and gracious ticking bomb


Leave the false things behind

and dream about the goodness there is to find

people, places, truthful faces

laughs and cries and pumpkin pies


Let your yang and ying collide

dark and light balanced in every stride

Don't feed the one in greed and pride

but delight in all that you cannot hide


For life goes on and tears dry up

hurt flows away with smiles to stay

give me your best and enjoy the rest

your time sufficient for every test


My words are done

my thoughts all gone

at peace to release

content to begin the feast

The End

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