The Father

Part Three of my Abuse Trilogy

How dare that insolent woman

Talk to that man

Without my permission

She'll pay

For being unfaithfull

I'll teach her a lesson

For betraying me

Like the slut she is

I did the world a favour by marrying her

And now the whore is pregnant

I doubt its even mine

The child was born today

How many lessons

Will I have to teach it?

For it to behave

Today I lost my job

And its all that brats fault

She'll pay

Its her fault I can't afford my beer

Or my cigarretes

She eats to much

And drinks to much

And I have to buy more damn clothes for her

Every year

My wife was being unfaithful again

And not listening

I told her not to call her mother

Or her father

But she did

And the kid heard me yelling at her

And teaching her a lesson

So no I have to teach the damn kid

A lesson not to eavesdrop

I pulled the lamp out of the wall

And the light bulb broke

Its perfect for a lesson

Why isn't the brat moving?

Why isn't she breathing?

Did I kill her?

Oh well at least I wont

Have to feed her anymore

Or buy her any clothes

Damn! What has that wench done?

I hear sirens

She's on the phone crying

The police come in the door

And cuff me

Now I'm in jail

For exercising my right

To teach my family a lesson.

The End

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