The Fatal Seat

I wrote this during a R.S (Philosophy and Ethics) lesson, in Year 10. This is my anti Death Penalty poem...after all I am a bit of a hippie!

The crowd waits in muffled excitement

The Joy is there for all to see

Round 1 is waiting round the corner

How much longer can he be?


The bell tolls loud and the talking stops

The noise is replaced by peaceful quiet

The murderous fighter steps into the fray

And the crowd erupts into a riot!


The crowd is calmed once again

Waiting for the brawl

The murderous fighter closes his eyes

This is it, for him once and for all







However this fight is not a fair one

As the chains are removed from his feet

He trudges onwards towards his grave

And takes his fatal seat


His escape from chains is only brief

As he’s locked and keyed once more

He looks longingly at the guards and crowd

But it’s legal; it’s the law!


There’s nothing that our star can do

His crime is met with death

The crowd lights up as the chair does too

As he takes his final breath...

The End

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