The Fall Of The Human RaceMature

Inspired by something, which is very sadly true.

And So The Human raced was finished.

I Gave up, as Human Beings diminished

So follow me, Protagonize authors as we set sail for Mars! 

Because I am done living behind Earth's bars.

But what, do you ask, made me leave?

Poverty? Famine? Mad- Cow Disease?

No, No, No, not a single one of these.

Would make me want to leave earth as I appease.

You see, these things can be corrected

Through hard work, love, and basic morality 

But what me give up hope.

Was when a stupid dope

Oh so Happened wrote...

"Just failed all my GCSE's and disqualified from taking public exams for the next 5 years but it's worth the RT's" 

Written on a site called Twitter

It made me want to quit a-

life on this planet indeed. 

So now you know.

Why the human race is falling

With people running around 

Giving up their lives, looking like clowns.

But hey, like he said, the situation isn't that bleak

It's all worth it, for a retweet! 

The End

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