The Fall

This is a poem about a dead leaf falling to the ground, The feelings it goes through when it recounts its life. I am not sure how, but I would like to see it a collaborative work.
I would love it if someone could take it forward and write teh sequel

It was torn apart,By the vehement and intrepid wind,Though Unwilling, it had to departFrom its family and its rind.
It was atlast going to restAfter the hard and long toil.It had risen form earth's crestAnd now it was going back to the soil.
It swirled and it swayedWhenever the wind gave it a jerk,"I want to descend in peace" it prayed,But the wind made it go berserk.
Those sultry summers and serene spring,It had begun to recall;The joy those happy moments bringIt thought, would lighten its fall.
It thanked God, for having made it a leaf,For those jolly days and life on a tree,Though it was short and brief;For having bound it then and now let it free.
With this prayer it landed to be crumpledby some feet, some hooves or some toeAnd then the pieces to be blown away and humbledSurely, the wind has proved to be its greatest foe.

The End

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