The Fall

falling in love

Enlightened to say the least- eyes are no longer

Widely shut. You left your arms ajar for a simple

And true affirmation of unrecognizable calm.


I never knew such gilding, of such accepting

Of cold hands, it strikes and produces flaring sparks-

Not the kind of sparks that widen shutting.


It makes a sort of sense that the middle ground

Of wide and shut is ajar, like you are,

Like I never was until a moment stamped on white.


Pure trueness lies in the very horrific notion-

I see clear undaunted water, only so deep and wide

To hold what lies in the unknown- paradise.


My chin rises, regaining strength back- I accept

Your beckoned welcome hardly exhaling

Whirls of thoughts. I feel entitled lying in your arms-

I got here on my own terms


The End

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