The Failed Poet


And so you flew away,

Like the sparrows heads for the south

Only a pale corny memory

A feather of a crow falls from the grey sky

So soft and so shiny black

Like the soul of a failed poet

Frustrated he spills the ink

On the paper with melodiless texts

He doesn’t care about saving them

He lightens another cheroot,

And watches how the ink drops to the floor

His eyes are red and insane

His shell is thin and neglected

His colorless hair is messy and long

Like the eagles circles above the dead trees

He wanders in same circles

The candles blew out

Autumn winds heads through the curtains

Stormy weather is coming

The crow cracked against a traffic light

And you're so far away

Breathing with sparrows in green forests

Now the last piano chords

Lets you decide what will happen

To the failed poet

The End

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