The Factory Doesn't Call Twice

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Welcome to the Rail Yard City

where the Auto Workers live 

like roaches

in shacks,

uncared for by 

their owners -

But that's Landlords for you. 

Welcome to the Rail Yard City

where, in 1927, the largest titan 

on four legs


and we gathered

around the corpse

for a photo,

a fallen titan among hungry roaches. 

Welcome to the Rail Yard

where the trains stopped coming

to pick up trucks and cars

because the Auto Workers stayed at home

because no cars needed to be made

because - well - no one can give a straight answer.

What are the Auto Workers without a factory?

We're roaches.

With no job, we crawl to the couch

in torn gitches and cheeto fingers

and when we spend our last 5

the Landlord shows up

with a full tool belt 

and empty wallet.

Then we scurry

under the fridge - in the shack - in the rail yard city -

in a spider web

where everything is wrapped 

for consumption.

A roach in a trap, in a web


This is us.

The End

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