The Face of HorrorMature

It's about a man who changes the lives of two different people through horror, but that they find that they must deliver their own justice to him

Sirens wailing in the void of the city

In the distance I hear shouting

Force comes, blunt and unrelenting

The echoes of voices unrepenting


Blood splashed across the concrete

All you see is a distorted world

Incoming darkness 

Wondering how fate can be so cruel

As the darkness comes to consume


Weeks later and the man stands guilty

But fate is cruel as karma abandons ship

The tears you cry are frozen in time

The heart slowly dying, is from your chest ripped

Allowed to hurt again

Money paid as bitter men with barbed tongues

Stand to denounce your legacy again

They put their minions back to glory again


You're left with nothing but scars of that night

The horrors in the mirror, a broken replica of a man

Left out to the wolves of the world

A cold place you failed to understand


He returns to the scene of your transformation

But his intent darker, sharpened by the years

Armed with power and rage, a latter-day reaper

To rip through the fabric of her fears


She screams helpless, hopeless

Again, a flash of force and she's defeated

The desecration of two souls

Her image tainted and his completed


Again he returns to stand guilty

Surely the end of him is the outcome this time

But fate is cruel as karma crumbles and dies

Bitter men with barbed tongues

Dragging her tattered name through the mud


But fate will change

The face of horror, never the same

Unleashed from him, dark and powerful rage

Revenge is coming, sooner than imagined 

The End

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