The Eye Of The Reaper

It's all about how someone who loses everything suddenly finds solace in the fact that there's no longer any consequences and so begins to watch the world burn

I've killed and I've stolen

I've got to nothing to lose cause I lost my soul

Praying and believing's far from stress reliving 

Reaper's got a glint in his eye, a cold star staring out

Demons in my heart, but hell is my new home


Far from being angels, because we abandoned our postings in heaven

Wielding fire in our minds, unfurling malice and hate in our eyes 

I've torn worlds apart, and justice is slow to punish me

Consequences gone so there's nothing left, what can you even do to me


So where's your idea of a world gone

Cast to the winds, the ashes of a heaven long undone

The lord slept and the gates began to fall

Tumbled into the oceans of blood


Pray to God if you can even state a case

The world's a mirror to my soul, if you've come for mercy

You've come to completely the wrong place

There's no warm left, as the darkness crept

Ideals slain by reality, murdering purity as guardians slept 


I've murdered and laughed at death

I've felt heartbeats fade and the drawings of final breath

Not a reaper because I'm not bound to fate

To prey and to devour light, suppress those who realise too late

Realise the world's cruel, built on lust and blood, buried into the sand




The End

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