The Expanse

Have the strength of heart to persevere.

Gasping, mouth agape, she stood on the shore of her isolation. Upturned, her face reflected the cosmos, full of frightened potential, to her creator. Waves of discontent lapped at her feet; it was a wonder she hadn't drowned in it before then. The devastation she felt, as the icy water reminded her of her failures and shortcomings, was as heavy on her breast as the news of a suicide.

Her ears rang with the knowledge whispered within them.

"Fight or die trying. Never lay down your greatest weapon: your will to live. Persevere."

Breathing prayers as the wind whipped her in devout flagellation, she immersed herself in the frigidity of the universe at her fingertips; an expanse as broad and as deep as the caves within her own heart. Clad in the protection of the unknown and the faceless, she continued steadily until the grips of terror and doubt clutched at her throat, but she does not cry out. Her feet left the comfort of solidity and assurance and she is propelled only by her desire and strength of heart.

They will keep her afloat. They will provide her the sustenance to continue her journey through time and space.

And she will be set free.

The End

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