The Ex

You’re flawless


Now there’s a joke

It gets more twisted

As you take a smoke

I was blinded

Thought you were the one

I don’t know what

Was going on in my head

Maybe you were just fun

But when you called me

Sweetie and showed me kindness

Well, I thought I was just crazy

But I judged by what I saw

Man, I was so naive

I don’t know why I just couldn’t see

That you’re cunning with sweet talk

Trying to make me give it away

Luckily I found my Savior

Before we could play

Maybe it was lust

Or your tender romance

But when I found god

I know I just can’t

When you told me you were

Atheist, didn’t believe in my Father

I thought it was insane

In my heart, those words infested

It really bothered me

How could I strive for our

Relationship to succeed

But, now I’m glad to know

You didn’t believe

Cause our relationship was broken

I knew that from the start

Some part of me knew it in my heart

We couldn’t play this game

There was no chance

How could our love flourish?

If you couldn’t give

My God a chance

The End

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