The Everything Song

I'm not sure if the title would stick, but I'm a musician and this is a song. Nearly every line correlates with something in my life and environment, and I would love to hear your interpretations :)

I saw them by the camp fires.                      Scars; two three four

First of my kind                                              for the shifting seesaw

Jump on the edge of it;                                 thin man soon

You’ll be flying high                                       on those red balloons


Library burn                                                   books like hollow

Plans to make a scene;                                  judge-will follow

Holding true to plane                                    accusations

Fight and trashing bars                                on probation



Blame is on the gun                                       open fire

Head is on the pike                                        true inspire

Green insipid tongue                                     running backwards

Hope that I’ll hold my breath                      tripping hazards

The End

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